Sep. 11th, 2014 08:24 am
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Things kept falling and making big bangy noises, waking me up. Curse you, bottle of TUMS!

Since I'm awake let me describe my current situation:

Right now I am sitting up in bed. It's still semi-dark in my bedroom. I've been up since about seven and decided to open up Harold (laptop) after dilly-dallying around on my phone in Candy Crush, waiting for the next set of levels to open up. I have just finished answering some messages on FB and decided to make this entry because I am literally stuck in here for at least another hour.

I would like to go to the bathroom, but unfortunately I am connected to my cycler. The cycler is a machine that I hook up to every night and basically does my dialysis for me. It has a pump that puts fluid in and out of my body at certain intervals throughout the night. That's probably the simplest explanation for it.

In the spirit of naming all of my devices and appliances I have named my particular cycler Legolas because it is essential for my survival yet constantly states the obvious.

There is a ten foot line of tube that connects me to Legolas, so I am "free to move about the cabin" as it were. But I can only go as far as my bedroom door, and that's about it. I'm kind of on a leash. A leash that's connected to my insides, but a leash nonetheless.

Having woken up early today, I have to wait until Legolas is finished before I can disconnect from it and go to the bathroom. Maybe take a shower.

The good thing about Legolas, however, is that my days are freed up. I don't have to do any treatments during the day because Legolas handles them all at night. So, that is nice.

My relationship with Legolas has not always been so peachy, though. Oh no. When I first got Legolas, he was set to drain as much fluid out as possible before he filled me up again. I don't know if I can accurately describe what it feels like to have something hoovering out your insides, but I can say that it is not pleasant. It was very painful at one point and I was sore during the day.

Now, after my nurse changed some settings, Legolas and I have an amicable relationship. Very give and take. Well quite literally, it's give, wait for an hour, and then take again.

Mom bought me a notebook at my request, and I've been scribbling in it off and on. Going back to the beginning (This is where I am, this is where I'll stay! I will nobemoved!) and writing by hand again is kind of refreshing. It's slower, but then again, I'm slower right now, so it fits. I do feel like some of what I used to be is coming back. Sounds dramatic doesn't it? Yet I can't think of another way to explain it.

I still get tired easily. Don't know when that's going to go away. I did some laundry yesterday and helped Mom and Dad and Sean can peaches. And that basically wore me out. Even though I slept in really late I was able to go right to sleep last night because of how tired I was. It still feels like a work out taking a shower.

But I'm helping out more. Mom doesn't go downstairs much because of her knees, so the laundry is officially my job. I also try to help cook and stuff. Standing at the stove to cook something is a challenge because I get tired and have to sit down, but a couple of months ago I couldn't really stand at the stove at all. Progress! I guess. :P


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